Current Availability

I am currently available for permanent, contract or freelance work. Please feel free to contact me if you have any need for temp or long term projects.


graphic image of my resume

Resume (PDF)



This is my online portfolio, created to showcase the different types of design work I do. Some of my examples were created as part of a larger team, but most showcase the projects I developed myself.

I am currently looking for a full time position as part of creative team. I am highly competent in website creation and upkeep, and well-versed in web design and graphic support. I am at home on a Mac or PC and know my way around the Adobe Creative Suite. I use Photoshop and Dreamweaver most often for creating my websites.

I am a painter, a photographer and an avid mountain biker. In my free time I love riding the local trail system built along the James River.


Photograph of old train trestle on the James River. Atmospheric, sunset
Photo:Hamilton 2011